About company

Corpus Novum – is Lithuanian private capital company specializing in staff selection and recruitment for different profile international companies. Corpus Novum, together with client, identifies what requirements should be included for following positions. One of the main competitive advantage - external company’s experts in different segments who do screening of possible candidates (construction; logistics; agriculture industry and etc.). Afterwards, Corpus Novum specialists handle interviews and select the most suitable candidates according to customer’s needs. It can be both skilled and unskilled from highly experienced avalanche barrier installers to warehouse personnel.

Company was established in 2015, having headquarter in Vilnius, Lithuania. Founders have more than 20 years of experience in labor recruitment and subcontracting within different business segments. Nowadays, Corpus Novum is among TOP 5 biggest Lithuanian agencies specializing in search of qualified and unqualified workforce.

Our values:

Keep our promises – responsibility.

Work at the highest level of quality - professionalism.

Mutual benefits for all stakeholders – cooperation.

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