Workforce solutions

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Staff selection

Corpus Novum offers staff and specialist recruitment selection, which will be performed quickly and qualitatively. We assist in the selection of appropriate candidates towards the most diverse positions, also check their qualifications, foreign language level and execute the training, if necessary. As a result, we will give suggestions which candidates are the most suitable for following position. We have experience in different scale projects, which have been delivered within a reasonable period of time.

Staffing/Temporary employment

Corpus Novum selects and employs people according to customer’s needs. It can be both long-term and short-term contracts. Corpus Novum is the direct employer, we are responsible for personnel selection and quality assurance. Cooperation with us will be simple and clear, because you lead in the workplace while document management and accounting will remain for us.


If you are tired of low salary and poor working conditions, Corpus Novum will help you to find the right job in different countries. We believe that our experience and understanding of the situation in job market will help to find the most desired position with appropriate salary. Contact us!

Job process optimization

Corpum Novum offers services which thanks we reduce labor costs, accelerating process of work and productivity. Evaluating your company’s current situation, we submit a proposal which will make the work much more efficient. We organize staff training, qualification improvement projects, which prepare proper field professionals.